Frequently Asked Questions

We answer your most frequently asked questions about how to become a Polish citizen

Polish Citizenship

You must apply to the Polish Government. The application consists of presenting several documents and forms translated into Polish that prove your right to Citizenship. The application is analyzed by a judge. If the judge considers the documents sufficient, you are granted Polish Citizenship and then the passport is processed.

Frequently Asked Questions​

Yes. Having a Polish passport gives you the same rights as having a French, Italian or Spanish passport. It is the same as having any other passport within the EU, allowing you to work and study within the entire EU without any restrictions.

No. You don’t even have to know how to say hello!

No. You can do the entire process from the comfort of your home. We take care of it.

All documents must be translated and submitted in Polish.

It is key to be able to prove that you have at least one Polish ancestor. You have to prove that your Polish ancestor did not get his Polish Citizenship revoked before you he passed it on to the next generation. You can take the test to establish whether you are eligible for Polish Citizenship by clicking HERE


No. You must be able to prove that your ancestor did not get his Polish Citizenship revoked before you he passed it on to the next generation. They could have gotten Polish Citizenship revoked for various reasons, for example: being in a foreign army, giving up Polish Citizenship, etc. Before we accept your case we ensure you are completely eligible to receive Polish citizenship.

No. Polish Citizenship cannot be acquired by marriage. However you can live in the EU and have the same rights as him/her. Your children are eligible.

We will require basic information from you. This includes a small family tree with a brief history of your family and your Polish roots. The more details and documentats you can provide the more accurate your eligibility will be.

We analyze your situation for free. We contact you to discuss the requirements and examine the documents you have about your family. Since all cases are different, it is important to examine each case individually. We inform you about the chances of success in obtaining Polish Citizenship. This analysis is free – no strings attached!

How do know that my chances of success in obtaining polish Citizenship are high?

If you have a detailed knowledge of the history of your family and you have the documents that proves that you have Polish ancestry such as Polish Passports, birth certificates, army records, and more, we are able to confirm that the evidence you have is sufficient to obtain Polish Citizenship with a 100% guarantee.

If you have partial knowledge of the history of your family and you are missing documents, then we have to search the Polish registries and/or other entities to obtain the documents and information that we require in order to process your Polish Citizenship. By finding the relevant documents we can also guarantee a positive outcome of the procedure.

If it is not possible to find the required documents in the Polish archives because they do not exist or because they were destroyed during the war, then the situation will be discussed with the client, explaining their chances of success in length and recommending whether it is convenient for them to apply or not.

Yes! You can all apply together, even if different files have to be opened, all the documents will be the same and the costs will be lower per person. We offer a discount when several family members apply together.

Yes! All living ancestors with a direct line between you and your Polish ancestors are eligible for Polish Citizenship. Research only has to be done once and then the rest of the family can benefit. When applying with siblings or cousins you can split the costs of the search among each other.

Yes, as long as they follow the same ancestral line. That’s why many families share the cost of searches, which only has to be done once per family.

Benefits Of European Citizenship (EU)

All citizens of any of the 28 EU countries are citizens of the European Union, in addition to being citizens of their respective countries. EU citizens have the right to vote and stand as candidates in the European Parliament elections.

Yes. When you are granted Polish Citizenship you have the right to apply for a Polish passport at the Polish embassy. The Polish passport is a passport of the European Union.

There are 28 countries in the European Union which are: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus,Croatia, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Romania and Sweden.

Yes. The following countries have already applied: Iceland, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine and Kosovo.

Yes. As a Polish citizen you have the right to live and work in any EU member country.

The Schengen Zone is an area of 26 countries within the European Union where there is free movement without the need for controls on the internal borders of the area. Poland is a part of the Schengen zone, so by being a Polish citizen you can access the benefits of this international agreement.


Each case is priced individually as each case is unique. The cost will depend on the documents you have, the effort required to find the missing documents in foreign records and how many generations back you have to go to reach your Polish ancestor. We analyze your case and budget it during the free consultation – no strings attached.

Yes, we do. We take a down payment to begin the process and once you have received your citizenship, you will then be required to pay the remaining amount. It is also to finance it in easy monthly installments.

Yes. We offer competitive discounts when multiple family members apply together.


Once we have all the apostilled papers, the process takes approximately 8 months. We send all the necessary documents as quickly as possible, however the rest depends on the speed of the Polish government in finalizing the request. We have our own offices in Poland which are located a minutes from courthouse, making us the fastest company by far, our record time from start to finish is 28 days!

After presenting the necessary documents at the Polish embassy, the passport usually takes between 1 and 2 months to arrive from Poland.

Why Choose Us?

Since we started the company 4 years ago we have had an unbeatable 100% success rate. This is because we only get paid when we get you your Polish Citizenship, so we only take cases that will be successful. We understand Polish law very well therefore we know before we begin whether your case will be successful or not.

My Polish Passport was founded by Dr. Jonathan Jablonski. Jonathan is a Polish Citizen. Living in Poland he learned Polish and reconnected with his roots. He visited the villages where his great-grandparents lived, and he is the first Jablonski to return to Poland in 100 years.

Jonathan is passionate about helping Polish descendants recover their heritage and benefit from Polish Citizenship.

Se indignó al enterarse que sus ancestros tenían amplias tierras que fueron robadas por los nazis y por el gobierno de turno. Se asoció con los mejores abogados para ver de recuperar los bienes familiares. A Jonathan le apasiona ayudar a los descendientes de las víctimas de la guerra a recuperar su herencia y a beneficiarse de la Ciudadanía Polaca.

Yes, even if you don’t live in Toronto, Buenos Aires or Warsaw, we  work online with many foreign clients. The clients send us the documents via courier and then we file everything directly in Poland.

We have clients from every continent excluding Antarctica! Countries where we’ve helped people obtain polish citizenship include the following:

New Zealand
South Africa
Costa Rica

And even Japan!