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Citizenship Process

We simplify the process of receiving your Polish Citizenship in 10 simple steps! After these few steps we handle the rest.

  • Take an assessment HERE to check if you are eligible.
  • Speak with a representative to ensure you are entitled to Polish Citizenship
  • Gather all local and Polish documents
  • Apostille / legalize local documents
  • Send your documents to Poland
  • Optional: search for any missing documents in European archives
  • Translate local documents to Polish
  • Make the presentation in the Polish court
  • Await for a response in a period of 8 to 10 months
  • Congratulations! You have your Polish Citizenship

Once you have received the Polish Citizenship certificate, you request an appointment at the
Polish embassy to obtain the Polish passport, which usually takes one to two months to

Below is the basic list of documents that are generally required for Polish Citizenship

Required Documents

  • Polish passport and/or Polish national identity card and/or Polish military book and/or
    Polish voter registration and any other Polish document proving citizenship of the
  • Civil Acts that corroborates your link with the ancestor (birth and/or marriage).
  • ID of the interested party
  • Other specific documents of your case.


We specialize in searching for documents in Europe. Our team consists of expert archivists in Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, and Lithuania who are dedicated to finding the necessary documents to prove that your ancestor was Polish. Our archivists have over 20 years of experience in genealogy and document research. They speak Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, and

Lithuanian. They are professional in their work and they go in-person to the cities where your ancestors were born to carry out the search. If the documents still exist, we guarantee you will obtain them. If they were destroyed during wars or no records exist about your relatives, we acquire a signed and stamped certificate by the correspponding authorities that certify that the search was conducted and that the official record does not contain the required documents.

Once we find the necessary documents we can move forward with processing your Polish citizenship.

The searches are extensive and completely encompass all possible documents that are available. We are looking for the following documents (which apply):

  1. Birth/baptism/marriage/bris certificate
  2. Passport emission request
  3. Military registration
  4. Voter registration
  5. Inscription in the population census
  6. Immigration records
  7. Repatriation records
  8. Property Records
  9. School Records
  10. Etc.

The searches usually take approximately 5 months to complete and they cost 1900 USD which can be divided in a 3-month interest free payment plan

Minimum information required:

  • Name of ancestor
  • Approximate date of birth (minimum short range of years)
  • Town where they were born/lived

Optional information

  • Religion
  • Name of the ancestor’s parents
  • Date of arrival abroad

In case you would like to move forward, we invite you to schedule a free telephone interview to discuss the details of your case, followed by an estimate of the cost to manage your entire case.

To schedule your appointment click here: www.mypolishpassport/appointments

Alternatively you can send us a detailed email to info@mypolishpassport.com


We carry out official translations for all the required documents in polish citizenship cases. All of our translators are registered in Poland and are on the list of approved translators for the court in which we file your case. Translations are always included in our fees for helping you obtain your Polish citizenship.